API 682 – PA100

Durametallic has developed the PA, PB and PC Dura Seal® series, three completely new seals, specifically engineered to exceed American Petroleum Institute (API) 682 standards. The API 682 mechanical seal standard was developed jointly by users and equipment manufacturers to extend seal life, reduce emissions, ensure plant and personnel safety in hazardous environments, and to standardize and simplify sealing systems.

All Durametallic API 682 Seal designs have been tested according to the rigorous protocols established in the 682 standard. This ensures that these seals will provide the exceptional reliability demanded for all refinery services.

Our collaboration with refinery rotating equipment experts has resulted in added features that go well  beyond the minimum requirements set forth by API  including interchangeability, a non-damaging seal drive
mechanism, a high performance flow inducer,  and other advancements.